Italy – Stop 5G, national fundraising campaign started. Goal: get citizens and the Government informed correctly about its danger

November, 6th, 2018, OASISANA, Oasi Sana

Translated and adapted by Marco Nisato


“We have to stop the electromagnetic tsunami!” Just few days, until December 15th; this is the final date chosen by the organizers of the non-profit initiative called STOP 5G in order to get Italian citizens and the Government informed about possible dangers for the public health caused by 5th generation wireless technology. OASI SANA joined to act of free and participated counterinformation. The goal is to reach the amount of 15.000 euros in order to buy publishing and editorial spaces on main Italian newspapers and launch a desperate warning declaration before it’s too late. OASI SANA is inviting all his friends and readers to join! Thank you


‘Stop 5G and Precautional Principle: stop a health danger’

Initiative promoted by Terra Nuova and Maurizio Martucci, Journalist, Author of the investigative book ‘Self-Defense Manual for Electrosensitive (EHS) people.’

Supported by

Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili 
Associazione Elettrosmog Volturino (Foggia) 
Associazione Obiettivo Sensibile 
Comitato Oltra la MCS 
Comitato No Wi-Fi Days 
Istituto Ramazzini 
Oasi Sana 
Sensibile (docu-film) 
Terra Nuova 

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‘Stop 5G and Precautional Principle: stop a health danger’ is a non-profit intitiative with the following goal:

1) to form a new critical mass among the civil society by opening a public debate on possible health effects of 5G.

The goal of the Stop 5G and Precautional Principle: stop a health danger’fundraising is exclusively destined to the purchase of many publishing spaces on the main national newspapers (as Il Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Repubblica) and the main websites. Publishing spaces on newspapers will be pages or partial pages with publishing and editorial ads without images, business logos and product or goods and services’ promotions. So, as well as for the Web publishing spaces, direct, publicity materials. All the raised fund, excluding fixed costs and rewards, will be entirely utilized for the initiative, independently from the reached amount. Publishing spaces will host:

  • Most recent data about medical-scientific studies about 5G as a health danger and the electrosmog emergency, ignored by the public opinion;
  • A plea to the Italian Government and the political and institutional authorities in the name of the Precautional Principle, in order to stop the dangerous advance of 5G.



In 2019, 5G technology will start and all the population will be irradiated by an unprecedented wave of unexplored radiofrequencies in the history of mankind. The project of Internet of things is using frequencies without preparatory studies on health risk. 5G establish a coverage of the entire national territory on the 98% of public areas. To the 24.000 public Wi-Fi hotspots and 60.000 Base Radio Stations (mobile antennas that ofter are over apartment buildings, 2G, 3G and 4G systems), with 5G technology, an unspecified number of millimeter, microwaves mini-antennas will be installed, we’re talking of about millions of them if they’ll be installed also on new LED lights, reconverted in wireless repeaters. There’s also the project of Wi-Fi from space, orbiting satellite drones. The consequences would make reconsider the legal limit values, by pushing the actual 6 V/m of electric field to a peak of 61 V/m, 110 times more than the now-measured power.

“If the 5G plans of the telecommunications industry will be fulfilled, not a person, not an animal, not a bird, not an insect and not a plant will be able to avoid the exposure, without any possibility of escape fron anywhere in the planet”

International plea to UN-WHO

‘Stop 5G from the ground and the space’

Click here for the book



Since 2011, the World Health Organization has been evaluating radiofrequencies as ‘possible carcinogenic’ for humans and a part of the international medical and scientific community, based on the most recent studies, published on 2018 by the American National Toxicology Program and Istituto Ramazzini Centro di Ricerca sul Cancro Cesare Maltoni (Bologna), are asking for an urgent classification of electrosmog as probable carcinogenic (Class 2A), if not even a certain one (Class 1), while the preventive position of the Italian magistrature (Court of Appeal 2012, Civil Courts of Verona, Ivrea, Firenze in 2017) has juridically sanctioned the causal connection: mobile phone = cancer. By denouncing the serious danger, in 2014 an international task force of 238 doctors and scientists of 38 nations worldwide presented to UN and WHO another plea in order to ‘implement protective rules to safeguard the public safety’. In 2018 ISDE Italy, medical association, asked to the Italian Government to stop 5G, by implementing a moratorium. And, in Italy, an increasing number of citizens are victims of EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity), a highly disabling environmental disease.

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The absence of news and the lack of a debate for investigate the possible health risks, is encouraging to the crowdfunding action ‘Stop 5G and Precautional Principle: stop a health danger’ with the goal of promoting a social campaign about the ongoing danger, with the goal of get citizens informed, sensitize Government, Parliament, Regions and local authorities in the name of the Precautional Principle sanctioned by the European Commission and implemented by the Italian law.

“The conflict between many interests provided by a high constitutional warranty must be solved on a classification that assigns, to the value of a person, a major and prevalent significance compared to the others; therefore, in the conflict between the Art. 32 (safeguard of health) and the Art. 41 (safeguard of economic enterprise) of the Constitution, the good that leads to health, as a fundamental right of the people, has to be considered and put at the top of  the hierarchy of the interests.”

(T.A.R. (regional administrative court) Lazio, September, 19th 1992)



Reproduction is allowed, by citing the source.


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